TWITTER ON FIRE:Four Teenagers Arrested For Killing, Burning Girl’s Head

Four teenagers arrested for killing, burning girl’s head

This teenagers handle killed a fellow teen girl and took her head away to burn and planed to use it underneath the earth for the privacy sake. But unfortunately they were arrested.

Presently the police are the still on it in other to find the man reasons and another person’s that might be involved in this dangerous acts. M

Many people reacted badly regarding the evil acts involving the youths of Nigeria recently. As many proclaims that you are flag to buy Benz by all means this year.

It’s really disheartening the way this youth are killing themselves heartlessly.this is dangerous for our next generation. Recently it shook one of the Nigeria pastors that He later curse on this boys because of the damage they are causing.

Many also encourages our youths to do better things with their energy instead of killing themselves.

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