Catholic Bishop Steps Down After Falling In Love With Satanic-Themed Erotic Fiction Author

Xavier Novell, 52, who became Spain’s youngest bishop in 2010, has allegedly ditched his vow of celibacy after he met writer Silvia Caballol.

Xavier Novell, a 52-year-old bishop who is famous for performing exorcisms has quit the church after he reportedly fell in love with an author of satanic erotic fiction.

The bishop, who became Spain’s youngest bishop in 2010, has allegedly ditched his vow of celibacy after he met writer Silvia Caballol.

He resigned at the end of last month for “personal reasons”, but it has been reported by Catholic publication Religión Digital that he and Silvia are in a relationship.

Xavier said he had “fallen in love” and that he “wanted to do the right thing” when he was asked about his relationship with Silvia – who wrote The Hell of Gabriel’s Lust and the erotic trilogy Amnesia.

Silvia’s book, The Hell of Gabriel’s Lust, discusses occultism, sadism and covers “the raw struggle between good and evil, god and Satan and angels and demons”.

Horrified colleagues believed Xavier, who has practiced exorcisms for years, had been possessed by demons.

One told Spanish media the situation was “not a problem of celibacy but rather of infestation”.

Some sources even claim that Pope Francis urged Xavier to have an exorcism himself to “free his troubled spirit” – but he refused.
Xavier met his the writer, who is an expert in Satanism, after he was drawn to study demonology.

The bishop has previously come under fire before for his links to so-called “gay conversion therapy”.

He was accused of holding a wedding between a woman and one of the young men who attended the “treatment” – without the support or consent of the local priest or bride’s parents.

He has also been an outspoken supporter of independence for Catalonia.

Two former ministers from the rebel Catalan government who were imprisoned on charges of sedition were some of those who expressed their support of Xavier’s resignation.

He offered former members of the Parliament of Catalonia Josep Rull and Jordi Turull, who were in Lledoners prison, “spiritual comfort”.

Mr Rull said: “Bishop Novell has always been by the side of political prisoners, with words and, above all, with deeds, becoming one of the few exceptions from the Catalan Church hierarchy.”


Source: The Sun UK

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