Big Brother Gifts Housemates Pet Fish to Ease Tension (Photo)

Biggie had told the housemates that a surprise awaited them in the garden and instructed them to go and receive their surprise.

The pet fish in a glass jar Biggie has gifted all housemates in the BBNaija Shine Ya Eye housemates a glass jar of fish. The gift is to ease tension in the house following Monday’s nomination process that saw Queen, Whitemoney, Liquorose, Saga, Jaypaul, Jackie B, and Saskay being put up for this week’s eviction. Biggie had told the housemates that a surprise awaited them in the garden and instructed them to go and receive their surprise.

It was indeed a surprise as the housemates were amazed to see 13 glass jars of water with a little pet fish in each of them. The excited housemates admired their new pets and some became so emotional about having a pet fish. Saskay said, “I’m just emotional right now. I’ve never had a pet fish.” Angel said, “Biggie, can we take the fish home? Because I’m going to create a bond with this fish that is so deep; that if I leave the fish, I would be so upset.” She also prayed that her fish will not die. The gift helped ease the tension of the housemates especially those nominated for eviction this week.

This melted hearts on Facebook as many praised her husband while others found his gesture to be strange.

One Joshua Matthew said, “The husband is the most mature man on planet earth.”

Valls De Popoya Wayne said, “… bro she needs you more than ever so protect her, God bless you. Nobody is perfect except God.”

“Is she not supposed to kneel down?” Jessica Ogedegbe asked.

Greace Nmahosim commended Krislawrence, saying, “It is very hard to forgive such a sin. But her husband has just taken a bold step that most people may call mumu. But he has just saved his marriage.”

However, one Estrella Stella expressed doubt about the genuineness of Krislawrence’s forgiveness.

According to her, “My mind is telling me that this guy is having something evil against this girl; he’s pretending. I fear for Tega’s life… No man can take this.”

Joe Okoro said in Pidgin English, “This guy na big player, he dey form. I will be waiting for part 2.”

Joy Peter said, “This guy get sense sha. She is going nowhere until that money she came back with finishes. Lol, we go still watch part 2.”

Kenechukwu Makolu said, “The man wiped her face thinking she would be crying… Ogbeni everywhere dry. I don’t want your type as a brother or son biko. Your mumu is overflowing.”

John Paul Chigozie said, “The same mouth she used to kiss Boma is the same mouth she’s using to kiss her husband! She’s a generous woman and her type is rare.”

Esther Joseph said, “Fornicators and adulterers condemning and judging Tega. If she genuinely asked for forgiveness and her husband forgave, what’s your problem in their marriage? Learn to mind your business.”

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