The ladies are dropping it hot and heavy at the Jacuzzi Party. Do y’all think the men can keep up? #BBNaija

Jacuzzi Party is booming. All the sexy ladies and cute guys are ready to party for the next eviction.below are the pictures of the party

The sexiest are lady rolling with the cutest. Already pairing themselves 2in1

Tega ask Emmanuel if at all we go out there and u find out that I’m not married what will u say?
Emmanuel to Tega, i will not questions u rather i will mind my business.
Tega ask yeye Boma if u go out and find out I’m not married what will u do?
Boma said he will first beat her, Tega shout hear what Boma said oh, hmmmm Tega🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 team white money we move

Do you think Boma will shine light tonight?

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