Whitemoney: I Don’t Know Where My Father Is But if He Dies, I Will Know Because of His Affluence

White money

Pere has been on a special assigment for 2weeks now in other to bring the real whitemoney out.As he is been tagged a pretender who js trying to catch the attention of the audience to get pity votes.some even refer to him as second Igbo man Lycon.the way I seem now White money is on a tight seat.

White vermently said that he own a pasport and international passport for that matter.he purposely hidded it to make sure his appearance or charismas will not make any of the house mate intimidated.

White money was really provoked by Pere to the level of him mistakenly saying some things.Fans are feelong confusion now that white money was never broke and all the stories he told where lies to get attention.. What do you think ? Drop your comments and susgestions .don’t forget to share with friends

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