Caught Pants Down: Shameless Married Woman Caught Having S*x with Lover in a Maize Field (Photos)

There was a mild drama in a maize field in a local community when a married woman was caught red handed in a compromising position with a man.

The married woman caught pants down

A 33-year-old married woman, Dorcas Mavhunga, was caught red-handed on Wednesday morning by residents of a local community in a compromising position with a man identified only as Jonah, inside the maize fields around 11:30am in Glen View area of Harare in Zimbabwe. According to H-Metro, the woman who has been reportedly denying her husband conjugal rights for the past seven months, took advantage of her husband who was at work to hook up with her lover. She confessed when she was caught, saing; “It’s true I was caught but to be honest I no longer love him (her husband); I want my boyfriend and I am ready to live with Jonah.“I don’t want this old man since I am still young. He is 53 years old and I am only 33. The other reason I want to leave (my husband) is that he is a liar who doesn’t own up to his promises. I want my new boyfriend and I told him that I want to leave since he abuses me,” she said.

The guys caught having s*x with the married woman

The woman’s husband, Kennis Mafafa, who received the news on his way from work after a night shift, was shocked by his wife’s shenanigans. “I only got to discover that she is now going out when she started to wear make-ups, mini-skirts and having some funny haircuts.“We go to an apostolic sect and as I am speaking we have gone for seven months without s*x. She has been refusing to sleep with me if I ask her for s*x, threatening to get me arrested if I ask for s*x,” he said. Kennis said his children were now performing some of the chores Dorcas is supposed to doing. “My laundry is now being done by my eldest son and we have five children together.

“I once told her that one day I will catch her like I did on my work from work. I was only welcomed by this sad and disappointing news that she was caught by people from the community.”

Kennis said he could no longer stay with his wife as a result of her shenanigans. “I told her to pack her things and leave my house for her new boyfriend.“However, what pains me most is that I gave her my bank card as my wife and she swiped all the money that was in the account.“Out of $2000 which was in my account, she only bought a gas stove and there is no money in the account as she squandered all my savings,” Kennis. Meanwhile the woman’s boyfriend, Jonah who was not even ashamed of snatching someone’s wife, said; “I don’t have anything to say, write what you want my brother and what you are seeing and hearing here is real,” he said.

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